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Male Beta

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Picture of female Betta fish
Female Beta

Betta Fish

Freshwater tropical fish are not known as a colourful and vibrant fish especially when compared to their marine or saltwater cousins. One freshwater fish that defies this stigma is the Betta fish. Known also as the Siamese Fighting fish, the Betta Splenden might be one of the most beautiful and striking of all aquarium fish - saltwater or freshwater. The Betta survives in the wild rice paddies and ponds of Thailand but has been domesticated for some 800 years now. The Bettas seen on shelves in your local pet store bares little resemblence to those still swimming freely in the wild. Centuries of breeding have turned the Betta Splendon into a thing of grace and beauty.  Breeders have developed long flowing fins and an array of breath taking colours that never fail to grab a guests attention, particularly in the case of male Bettas.  The photo below shows a male Betta in full flare - a position it adopts when it encounters a rival male or even when it sees itself in a mirror.

Picture of Betta fish in full flare
This is an awesome Fish!

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