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Betta Fish Swim Bladder Disorder

Swim bladder disease results in a Betta fish that has trouble swimming. If your fish is swimming crooked or has trouble lifting its tail you might have SBD. While not causing your fish any pain, SBD does cause your Betta stress as it makes it harder for it to get to the surface for air. You can instanly help it out by lowering the water level making less work for the fish to breath.

Swim bladder disease is usually caused by poor diet, unclean environment or overfeeding. Bettas need a variety in their diet - do not just feed the same thing all the time. Mix in live food as much as possible. If the problem is overfeeding then you must take a course of action which restricts the food supply. In some cases it is genetic and there is little you can do to solve the problem.

Treating your Betta

Providing that the tank is clean and fresh and that genetics plays no part, you should cut feedings back. Do not feed for 48 hours and then offer a single feeding on the third day. A shelled cooked pea can be used.  Continue to feed small amounts once a day until you see some improvement in your Bettas swimming  ability.

There is no medication for SBD. Some people use meds that are labeled  "for use with SBD" but this means that it is safe to use in conjunction with SBD. This medication is usually given to help your Bettas immune system  prevent any new disease that may crop up while the SBD causes stress in your fish.

There is no specific timeframe for recovery from swim bladder disease but in most cases you should see some results within a week.

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